International Summer Camps

For 7-12 year old schoolchildren (born in years 2005-2010)
For 4-6 year old children (born in years 2011-2014) 

Come and spend fun summer days at Leirikesä International Summer Camps!

There’s plenty of opportunity at these camps for exercise, participating in arts and crafts, playing and taking part in games, hiking at great locations and just enjoying the summer holidays with good company. In between, you can swim and go for adventures in the areas nearby.

You are welcome to participate in one or more camps during the summer period. Over a period of four consecutive weeks, there is always a different programme.


The camp programme is in Finnish and English: it’s enough that your child knows either one or the other camp language. If the programme so requires, we can divide the groups up according to the language they speak to each other. All of our counsellors speak both Finnish and English.

Length and timetable

The day camps are five days in length from Monday to Friday, with the exception of the public Midsummer holiday, when the camp lasts four days.

During the day camps, the programme goes on during the daytime, and in the evening the participants go home to sleep. The counsellors are with the children 8:00–17:00. The first and last hour of the day are reserved for free play. During this time, a parent or guardian can flexibly bring or take the child away. Organised joint programme activity takes place at the camp 9:00–16:00.

Group size

The group size is 10–25 children per camp. 

Camp fee

All camp fees include the programme, lunches, snacks and insurance covering all days at camp.

7-12 year olds:
Helsinki children 150 € (Midsummer week 120 €)
Others 225 € (Midsummer week 180 €)

4-6 year olds:
Camp fee 360 € 

The City of Helsinki supports the day camp fees for 7-12 year old Helsinki children and therefore the camp fee is cheaper for them.


Camp´s name Date Place Duration Camp type

Leirikesä ry: Töölönkatu 55, 00250 Helsinki - puhelin (09) 8865 1280 (ma-to klo 10.00-15.00) -
Kiljavan Leirikesä (leirikeskus): Vihtilammintie 45, 05200 Rajamäki - puhelin (09) 8865 1282 (numero vastaa vain leirien aikana) -

Y-tunnus: 0746614-5 - Tietosuoja ja evästeet - Rekisteriselosteet - Uutiskirje

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