Leirikesä – The best camps for children

A vacation really feels like a vacation at Leirikesa! There are so many fun things to do, and you make new friends along the way! Unforgettable adventures are waiting for you!

We provide versatile camp activities for children and teenagers during the school holidays. Are you ready to experience a true camp atmosphere? At our camps we enjoy time with friends, physical activities, going on adventures and sitting together around campfires.

The camp's skilled and reliable employees guarantee the smooth running of the camp as well as high-quality programs and nutritious, delicious food. Leirikesä’s activities are not affiliated to any religion or political organization.

Leirikesä promises that

● A real camp atmosphere and exhilarating programmes
● The campers are well cared for
● The camp supports growth and the learning of new skills
● The camp has trained, enthusiastic and skilled staff
● There is good communication between the camp staff and the childs parents

Bilingual and monolingual camps

We have bilingual day camps in English and Finnish, Swedish and Finnish and monolingual camps in Finnish. You can join the camp if you can speak one of the camp languages.