Child health inquiry for your child’s camp experience

In order to ensure your child’s well-being and the smoothness of the camp experience, we ask that you fill in this health information form carefully.

Using this form, the information you provide can be handled by those in charge of first aid at the camp. From the information provided, those in charge of first aid collect the required information for other personnel at the camp, such as, e.g. a list of special dietary requirements for the camp kitchen staff. If more than one children from your family are participating in the camp, please fill in the form for each child separately.

We handle all information provided in the form confidentially and do not transfer personal information onwards. The information provided on the form is transferred to the server via confidential SSL encryption.

Instruction for filling in the form: Start filling in the health inquiry by providing the basic information concerning your child and the parent/guardian. Please fill in the health inquiry for each child separately. Please read the instructions carefully in connection with filling in the field. If something is unclear, you can contact us by email ( or by asking about it in our customer service chat when we are in the office.

Tip! By clicking the green titlebar, you will get more fields, or you can hide the already filled-in fields. The compulsory fields in the form are marked with a red star (*).


Please provide both first name and surname in the same field

Please provide a telephone number by which you can definitely be reached during the camp period


Please tell us here if your child has any diseases or other condition affecting camping that we can take into account during the camp (e.g. diabetes, epilepsy, dysphasia, etc.)

Please inform us if you pack any medication with your child and if the medication is regular or your child takes it according to need. We collect all the child’s medication at the camp for storage in the first aid facilities, so that the medication is stored safely. Although your child may be used to looking after him/herself at home in taking medication, it is easy to forget with all the things happening at camp.

Those taking care of first aid at the camp generally distribute the medication in the morning (9:00–11:00) and/or in the evening (20:00–21:00). If needed, medication can be taken also at other times. If the timing of the medication has no special importance, we will distribute the medication in accordance with the times mentioned above. If required, the medications taken can be obtained directly from those looking after first aid if there is a need to do so.

Please remember to explain about dosage.

Please remember to explain about dosage.


Does your child have any food allergies, a special diet, or other allergies?

Please tell us about any food allergies carefully: what causes allergic reactions? For example: “raw tomato, but cooked tomato is quite OK” Please tell us what symptoms it causes, e.g. “raw tomato causes a skin rash and a feeling of itchiness in the mouth”.

Please tell us if your child observes a special diet (e.g. lactose-free, vegetarian, no pork...).

Please tell us here about any possible allergies and sensitivities (e.g. allergies to medication, hay fever allergies).

Milk may be served at the camp as a beverage with meals. Please select a suitable kind of milk for your child.


Is there anything else we should take into account to help your child enjoy the camp experience more? For example, shyness, incontinence (night or day), fear of the dark or something else?

We may contact you before the camp if you want to tell us about something or discuss matters connected with the health of your child at camp. Would you like us to contact you before the camp?


I accept that Leirikesä ry may use photos taken during the camp or event on the association's website, the booking service and the social media accounts of the association, as well as printed products, newspapers and other marketing material.

I accept that Leirikesä ry will use photographs free of charge in their operations, and the use of photos can not be reimbursed now or later. In the photos the campers are always presented in a positive light, in accordance with the principles of good practices. The names of the campers will not be published without separate consent.

When publishing an underage child (under 18 years of age) on the Internet, we need permission from the child's guardian to photograph the child and to publish those photos. We also respect the child's own wish for photographing and publishing the photos. For this reason, permission to use photos is requested from both the child and the guardian.


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